Bolton on Swale gravel Pits

Report on the visit to Bolton on Swale gravel Pits
22nd May 2018
Leader D.I.Griss.

After some reorganisation caused by road closures 16 members gathered at the start of the lane at Bolton. It was a dull but dry evening cool enough to discourage any insect life.
The first thing to gain our attention was an Avocet feeding on the rain water pool on the first field. This was the first time the leader had seen this species at this site. A bit further along the lane while looking at the smaller of the pools the secretary spotted that a swan sitting in the field was a Whooper Swan a late date for this species. We’ll make a twitcher out of Steve yet! The main party went on to the hide and then walked down to the new screen. Not many ducks were in evidence, some Tufted duck, a few Mallard, 2 Wigeon and a Shelduck compared to what would be present in winter. however the signs of summer were the number of geese, Canada and Gre-lag, leading young and the wheeling mass of Sand Martins, House Martin Swallows and Swifts over the lake. Also present were about a dozen Cormorants which appeared to be breeding here for the first time (? 1 nest). Some time was spent trying to see a singing Reed Warbler but was not wasted as a Reed Bunting appeared.
Jill managed to find 11 galls, 4 snails (Kentish, Garden, Brown lipped, and White lipped) and a Yellow -tailed Moth caterpillar.
Fall managed to find 95 species of plant and we were only there for 2 hours.
The group seem to have enjoyed the evening out even if the weather continues to be unspringlike.
D.I. Griss.