Fen Nettle

both sides of a leaf.JPG

                          Urtica dioica var galeopsifolia  Fen Nettle

This plant was discovered by Darlington and Teesdale Naturalists’ Field Club at Hayberries Nature Reserve on 2nd September 2018.

It was a regular walk by the Darlington and Teesdale Naturalists’ Field Club on Sunday 2nd September 2018 at Hayberries, co Durham.  This plant was growing with other nettles but it was showing completely different leaf structure. It looked like a Fen Nettle. But we never found this plant in Co. Durham. Subsequently the plant was confirmed by Martin Godfrey from The Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland, as Urtica dioica var galeopsifolia Fen Nettle. The leaf shape, very high lowest flowering node and the pretty much total lack of stinging hairs were diagnostic for this plant

This nettle grows in damp habitats in England and it should be looked for.

Falgunee Sarker.