The First Great Civil War 1642- 1646 in the Tees Valley.


A presentation is to be given by Phil Philo, of the Battlefields Trust and retired Curator of the Middlesbrough Museums to Darlington and Teesdale Naturalists’ Field Club in the Main Hall at Darlington 6th Form College 7.30 pm Monday 18th March.

Along with Robin Daniels of Tees Archaeology, Phil has researched and produced a great guidebook  on this fascinating time of great hardship, problems and battles affecting our region.

Royalist  supplies and equipment were being landed at Newcastle and then taken in huge armed conveys south to Yorkshire. The river Tees was a natural barrier and the Parliamentarian forces attempted to stop the convoys at river Tees crossing points leading to battles at Piercebridge (1/12/1642) and Yarm (1/2/1643). We might even find out why there was no battle at Croft but there was one at Guisborough (16/1/1643)?

Phil is a very good speaker and this presentation has great local historical and archaeological interest so please make every effort to attend.


Suggested donation £1


Steve Keeney,

Darlington and Teesdale Naturalists’ Field Club

Archaeology Section Leader.

Short talks by members

We have asked three members to give a short talk. More info to TBC

March 25th Short talks by members  


Sue Weston will talk about the wonderful magical spectacle of the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights – how it is created and views of it from a trip up the Norwegian Coast.


Derek Risbey will talk about Binoculars entitled “Are you a well adjusted person”.  He will try and answer the question:- “if I had to change my binoculars and buy new ones what should I get and why, or how should I look after the binoculars I have?”