Raisby Hill Grassland

Darlington and Teesdale Naturalists Field Club Visit to Raisby Hill Grassland Saturday June 1 st , 2019 Summary of Visit Ten members left Abbey Road on a sombre day with rain threatening and found their way .to the site near Coxhoe. It was a longish (half mile walk to the entrance to the site through some woods so it took 90 minutes to get there with much furious recording on the part of the botanists. There were already several ages of records. The site is split between the rare magnesian limestone Grasslands and a small pond which was visited first. There was lots of bird life in the wood but the pond yielded only a mallard with chicks and a Gadwall duck. There were lots of wild flowers to see but not unfortunately the rare orchids yet. Species of significance noted were :86……. The threatening rain finally arrived just as we decided it was lunchtime. A damp lunch followed set amongst some felled trees and after a short walk through the wet grass to the other end of the site we returned to the cars. The variety of wild flowers more than compensated for the disappointing weather.