Wisley Fern Show

Wisley fern show was held at The Royal Horticultural Society’s garden at Wisley, county Surrey on 3rd and 4th August 2019. The garden was founded in 1878 by George Ferguson Wilson, a RHS member. Now it covers 240 acres of area and there are many formal and informal gardens. I came here as a volunteer […]

Shaggy Soldier

A new plant in Cockerton, Darlington, called Shaggy-soldier Galinsoga  quadriradiata. There are two soldier plants in botany. One is called Gallant-soldier and the second one is Shaggy-soldier. This Shaggy-soldier Gallinsoga quadriradiata was discovered by Jill Cunningham. Jill identified and photographed the identity feature of this difficult plant. Plant belongs to the Asteraceae family. This plant […]

Eston Moor

Report – Eston Moor – Sat 13 July 2019 – Leaders Jill Cunningham and Fleur Miles   The weather was largely sunny, breezy and it had been raining in the early hours.   We parked up in the Flatts Lane Woodland Country Park carpark.  We walked across Flatts Lane to the University NHS Health Clinic.  […]

Molluscs – Tony Wardhaugh

Tony our speaker last night has sent the following information if you are interested.Regarding the Yorkshire Conchological Society meeting in Barton village, this is at 11.00am on 27th April. The grid reference I have is NZ2296.0879. Details of meetings are on the Yorkshire Naturalists’ Union website, Events section. The aim of the Barton meeting is […]