Shaggy Soldier

A new plant in Cockerton, Darlington, called Shaggy-soldier Galinsoga  quadriradiata.

There are two soldier plants in botany. One is called Gallant-soldier and the second one is Shaggy-soldier. This Shaggy-soldier Gallinsoga quadriradiata was discovered by Jill Cunningham. Jill identified and photographed the identity feature of this difficult plant.

Plant belongs to the Asteraceae family. This plant is 10-25 cm high and it was growing in the bare stony ground by the path. Stem and leaves hairy with both ordinary and glandular hairs, five white petals each with three notches. Leaves narrow lanceolate at the top and pointed oval nearer to bottom, also slightly toothed. Yellow disc florets are in the centre. Receptacle conical, with few fawn colour scales. Pappus-scale fringed with hairs and with a fine terminal projection. It is this pappus-scale apex that differentiates this plant from Gallant-soldier.

Please pay a visit to this visitor by using Jill’s direction.

There is one plant in the minor road verge half way between the pizza takeaway and the sit/bin/sycamore on the high grass opposite the green. NZ27251551.

Ref; New Flora of the British Isles by Clive Stace.

Written by Falgunee Sarker.