Tees Bank Wood

Tees Bank Wood between Barnard Castle and Cotherstone.

7TH OF July was a sunny day and three members of the club joined this lovely walk. It was just not a simple walk; there were so many plants to see and to understand how to identify them. Here under the canopy of tall trees there were interesting geology that influenced flora and fauna. “The rocks date from carboniferous period when coal was formed and consist of strata of limestone, sandstone, shale and coal, each of a different thickness. The soil in some parts of wood is derived only from sandstone and shale.” In the herb layer there were Cow Wheat, Bilberry, Wavy Hair-grass, Goldenrod and Bitter-Vetch and below this layer, grounds were covered with Star Moss and Greater Fork-moss. Here English Oak, Wild Cherry provided the tall canopy. We rediscovered the Alchemilla monticola that has disappeared. There were birds singing and common Gulls were flying over the river Tees. I would like to thank to Mary Atkinson for recording all the flora and fauna. All the lovely photographic credit goes to Fleur Miles. Certainly this was a pleasant walk that we enjoyed.

Falgunee Sarker.