Whorlton Village Sunday April 22nd

Field Club visit to Whorlton Village Sunday April 22nd Grid ref. NZ106148

13 members and 2 guests from Cleveland Naturalists’ attended the first field trip of the year on a walk through woodland and beside the River Tees.

It had been a cool rather cloudy morning but the weather gradually improved and by 3.00 pm there was intermittent sunshine.

We started from the village green going down a farm track eastward. On the way we saw a bank of Primroses with a few Cowslips and a clump of False Oxlips. We have notices these plants in this site on previous visits.

We crossed the beck and soon turned on to the path along the top of the wood that finally drops down to the river. The woodland was carpeted with Wood Anemones. A few Bluebells were in bloom and we also saw Red Campion and Cow Parsley in flower. Wych Elm and Ash trees were flowering.

We reached the river bank. Here the river flows over slabs of limestone and is most attractive. On the bank there were Violets. There was discussion about which species were present. Greater Woodrush was abundant. There were shoots of Martigan lilies. Spurge Laurel was in bloom. The beech trees here are magnificent.

We climbed up to the churchyard where we saw a large patch of White Violets. Near the green we saw the tiny red Geranium known as Shining Cranesbill.
90 species of flowering plant were identified including some grasses and 4 species of Dandelion

Birds were singing in the woodland. 21 species were recorded as being seen or heard. They included Greater Spotted Woodpecker,Tree Creeper and Chiff Chaff.

Jo Scott from Cleveland recorded 11 common Lichens.

We finally had tea outside the pub sitting in sunshine