Yellow Star-of – Bethleham

Gagea lutea (L.)  Yellow Star-of-Bethlehem.

It is Gagea lutea Yellow Star-of-Bethlehem time again. Photograph showed the plant in flower. These are the clues how to identify the plant.

1) There is a single basal leaf and a flowering stem per plant. Height of stem is 8-25cm.

2) Basal leaf has unique acuminate hooded tip. There are 2-3 leaf-like bracts present.

3) Three veins present in the narrow leaf. At this time of year many Bluebell Hyacinthoides non-scriptus leaves are growing that has only one vein in the leaf.

4) Yellow-green tinged flower has a green stripe at the back of tepals

5) The Gagea lutea may persist for many years without flowers. The plant prefers to grow in well drained sandy soil and by the river Tees.

Yellow Star of Bethlehem.JPG